What is Hobbies Inn?

Hobbies-Inn is a complete blog that serves your craft hunger and works to create art, design and creativity with pure simplicity and clear imagination.

And you are most welcome in our cozy inn. Thank you for stopping by.

Hobbies-Inn inspires art and art inspires Hobbies-Inn. We are all artists and being an artist is about using your imagination to create an inspiration--the one that is Magical, the one that is Awesome!

Well, It all started back in Feb 2013, A simple craft blog just to share the craft obsession we have but now as I'm loving Blogging more and more the horizon of our blog is expanding. We will be sharing more about crafts, home, fashion, decor and much more. Basically our mission is to share fun and creative crafting projects, tips and tricks and tutorials to make craft fun and easy. Also useful :D

We blog about the ideas that pops up in our minds and the creativity scattered all over the globe that inspires us.

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