Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Crochet Scarf - Free Pattern.

Hi there my lovely friends! I'm so excited to show you all my Gradient yarn scarf.

This one took quiet some time to complete not because it is complicated or anything (Its basically a beginner pattern) but because I would crochet few rows and leave it and then come back to it some other time.

I noticed that I hadn't made any scarves or mufflers as a tutorial on my blog so I decided to do one. I chose a Zebra Gradient Yarn from local yarn store. It is manufactured by GANGA acrowools. Check out their website for more yarns and free patterns. I chose their Zebra 1322 shade for this project. It is 100% acrylic wool and each ball is approx 217 meters (or 150 Grams) when packed. It is a bulky yarn!

The best thing about this yarn is that it looks good on both men and women.

For this specific project I used a little less than 2 balls of this yarn as my scarf is approx 5.3 foot in length(without the tassels). The more the length of the scarf, the more yarn will be required. But I suppose 2 balls are enough to make a nice and long scarf.

Did I enjoy making it? Yes, I did. I loved how the gradients came to life. Follow this pattern and make one for your self too.

Hook size: 9G / 3.50 mm aluminium hook.

If you are new to crocheting or don't know how to please visit Crocheting for beginners to get the basics covered.


1. Chain 30.

2. Leave the first two stitches and make a row or double crochet stitches. (Stitch count 28).

3. Round 2 - 3: Double crochet in each stitch.

4. Round 4 - 227: Single crochet in each stitch.

5. Round 228 - 230: Double crochet in each stitch.

6. Weave off any loose ends.

7. I made 4 large and heavy tassels to hang at four ends of the scarf.

You can follow the tassel tutorial here and make them chunky tassels all by yourself.

It took me longest to get this photographed but as usual my sister came to my rescue and together we were able to capture it perfectly.

The project is easy to follow and the end product is fabulously warm.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and about my unisex crochet scarf. If you happen to make one, do share your pictures with us.

Happy crocheting.

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Note: This pattern is original pattern by Hobbiesinn. Please do not claim this pattern as yours. If you wish to share it, you may link to this pattern but please do not copy on your site. You can use it for personal use but DO NOT sell the pattern/pictures or distribute it.

You can however, sell the products of this design but do credit the design to me  @hobbiesinn. Permission is NOT granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind.  Thank you for being respectful and for your understanding!