Saturday, 11 February 2017

Owl Mitts and Boots Pattern (kids aged 8 to 10 yrs)

Owls and Owls and Owls coming through. Haha! I'm falling in love with these over and over again. Oh, those cute big eyes and that gradient yarn and look how they are basking in sun.

Grab your crochet hook and favorite yarn, we are going to make these today for kids we love.

Difficulty level: 


Kids age group: 

8 to 10 years.

Time taken for entire project: 

3 hours or more.

I used:

Chunky cotton yarn. (Galaxy green, rust, white, black)
hook sized 9.
Tapestry needle and thread.

I tutorial will include a pattern for bellies, gloves, eyes and noses and a string.
I'm assuming you know crocheting and if you don't know than read this post before you proceed.

Let's begin:

1. The Boots.

Round 1. Make a magic ring.
Round 2. Make 12 double crochet stitches in the ring.
Round 3. Make 2 double crochet stitches in each stitch. you will have total stitch count of 24.
Round 4: Double crochet 2, increment one double crochet stitch. Repeat.
Round 5 to 9. One double crochet in each stitch.
Round 10 to 25. Make a double crochet stitch on only16 stitches. Repeat for next rows.

Fold the edge from outwards and sew the ends together.
Now make a round of double crochet on the rim of the bellies just made to make it even.

2. The Gloves.

Round 1. Make a chain of 27 stitches. Join the ends.
Round 2 to 4. Chain 3 and make a double crochet stitch in each stitch below. Join again.
Round 5. Make double crochet stitch in each stitch except last two. when you reach 25th stitch make a chain of 8. join with the other end of the round to complete it.. This is a space left out for the thumb.
Round 6 to 7. Make a double crochet stitch in each stitch including chain stitches.
Round 8. Decrease 2 stitches in this round below the thumb area, so that the thumb has now only 6 stitches instead of 8.
Round 9. Decrease 2 more stitches in the thumb area so that the total stitches equal to 4 in thumb region. But continue without any alteration around other part of the gloves.
Round 10 to 13. Make the double crochet in each stitch.
Round 14. Make a round of single crochet stitches.


The Eyes.

Round 1. Make the magic ring from black yarn and a smaller size hook.
Round 2. Make 10 half double crochet stitches in the hole.
Round 3. Pick up the white yarn and make the round of half double crochets , 2 stitches in each underlying stitches.

Pick a piece of white yarn and insert it across the black region to for the shine in eye.

The Nose.

Round 1. Chain 3.
Round 2. Make 3 double crochets in each stitch.
Round 3. Decrease the three stitches together. chain 1 and done.

The String.

Round 1. Chain 80.
Round 2. Make slip stitch in each stitch.

Assemble every thing using tapestry needle and thread.

I hope you liked my design pattern. Comment below and tell me what you think about it.
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