Saturday, 10 June 2017

DIY easy gift pouch. No sew.

Hello my lovely readers. Its a fine and pleasant Saturday afternoon and we are having light showers and grey skies. This weather is kind of  soothing as it is mid June and Ramadhan. *Blessings* , *Blessings*. But hey, wait, are we talking about weather in this post? Nah. not at all! This post is about the super cute and super easy gift pouch that I have made and in this post I'm sharing the tutorial with you all.

What is a gift pouch?

Well. Its a small pouch made of fabric that you can use to put your gifts into before giving them to your friends. These add charm and make your gifts more presentable. 
I think they also give the sense that the person is indeed much loved. 

What are the materials used?

Just few.
1. Fabric of your choice.
2. Leather stripes. in case you don't have leather stripes you can use ribbons.
3. scissor.
4. Stapler.
5. Marker.

How do you make one?

I have uploaded a nice video on my youtube channel. Watch below.

If you make one for yourself don't forget to share with us.
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