Tuesday, 7 March 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Give Handmade Gifts

Do you have a handmade gift that you treasure? Are you always lost whenever it comes to gifting your friends and family? Do you want to put in a little more love in your gifts? We thought it would be fun to put together the reasons why you should consider giving handmade this year.

1. The person who has everything.

Don't we all have that "hard to shop for" person in our lives. They buy pretty much anything they want to and you remain hanging there wondering what to give them as gift. Well isn't handmade the one that will touch the heart? Remember giving a gift is more about emotions and feelings than what money can buy.

2. You determine the quality.

Well, you are making it so you control the quality.

3. Personalization.

You can create your own personalized gifts in so many different ways by including favorite colors, quotes, patterns..... endless possibilities.

4. Unexpected.

Handmade gifts bring joys, laughter, tears, jaw-dropping expressions and beautiful memories. Isn't the surprise factor worth it.

5. Unique/One of a kind.

Well for your unique people, unique handmade gifts are totally in. Sometimes its good to have something that only you can have, nobody else has it. And that is one thing ladies always shop for-one of a kind thing.

6. Less expensive.

In many cases giving a handmade is less expensive than puchasing a gift. When you purchase something you are usually paying for the time it takes to make them. If you eliminate the time factor than giving out the handmade is much soft on your pocket.

7. Thoughtful.

A handmade bag, a handmade necklace, a painting all need to have been given a thought. It is a great feeling to feel that someone actually  took the time and effort to decide and make something for you. Something that will touch your heart.

8. Do what you love.

Creating something can be therapeutic and so relaxing. It can be a stress buster. Moreover it is an excuse to get away with your busy schedule to do something you love.

9. Gift they will treasure.

Do we even need to explain this. A handmade gift is someones love and you will always remember it and treasure it.

10. Share your talents.

We all are talented in some ways and finishing a creative project gives such sense of accomplishment, right? Seeing someone wear it, use it, display it can give greater satisfaction.

If you know of some other reasons and have some gorgeous handmade gift ideas than share with us.
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