Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Beginners Guide to Crochet a Fingerless Gloves


Worst weighted yarn.[Golden,purple,deep yellow,soft grey]
Crochet hook 4mm.


Double Crochet.
Single Crochet.




Dbl st=double stitch.
Sn st=single stitch.


Rnd 1: Beginning with a slip stitch chain 30. Join the ends.Now here the length of the chain vary greatly and depend completely on the width of your hand. If you have big hands then chain of 30 wont be ideal for you.
      How would i know how many stitches do i require?
         Simple as you have made a chain wrap it around your palm to see it fits and accordingly add or remove stitches.

Rnd 2: Ch 2, make first dbl st in 30th stitch of underlying chain.
Dbl St in each Stitch of the chain.

Rnd 3-7: Ch 2, Dbl st in hole of the below dbl st and not in the chain itself. Stitching in each stitch makes prominent rows whereas crocheting in each hole makes a holey texture.


Rnd 8: Ch 2, continue as above rows up to 26 stitches. Ch 12, Join the end of this chain to the first stitch of this row. 
You will find a hole for your thumb created, this can be subjected to the size of your hand. Hence may be increased or decreased accordingly by increasing or decreasing stitches.

Note: When joining the 2 ends of a circle use the chain and not the hole to make invisible seam and that includes both the loops of the stitch and not just one.

Rnd 9-11: Ch 2, dbl st in each hole.

Rnd 12-14: Ch 2, dbl st in each hole and dec 6 sts evenly.

Rnd 15-20: ch 2, dbl st in each hole.

Make a round of Dbl st over the circumference of the thumb.
Now make a round of sn st's at both the ends of the gloves to make the ends secure.
you will have total of 22 rows.
Fasten off.

Crochet 2 sets of puff flowers of purple,deep yellow and purple colors for each hand.
Sew them to gloves.

Happy crocheting.
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