Friday, 25 October 2013

Easy Ribbon Rose

Ribbons & Roses form the heart of Arts and Crafts. Crafty little or huge , papery or crocheted , simple or layered all sorts of flowers always spread smiles!

The art of flower making exist on planet earth since ages and we all still love to make them.

Folks ! today i am going to share a cute and easy ribbon flower tutorial with you.

                        MATERIALS :
You will need colorful ribbons of width no less than 1 cm and no more than 1 inch.
If your ribbon is below 1 cm your flower will be too small.and if it is more than 1 inch your flower will be a bit clumsy... at least i find them clumsy!

Other required things are :
Tapestry needle and Thread
Cute colorful beads and buttons to decorate with.

Here is the step by step picture tutorial for the Ribbon flower.
In 9th step I'm making the knot with the two ends of the ribbon and after that I'm 
securing the knot with the needle and thread.
You can decorate the flower with the beads or buttons!

That's it! Really!
you can use these flowers on Brooches, DIY bags or however you wand them.
You will find yourself using them in most of your craft work!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

DIY Crochet Fingerless Gloves.

Simple and easy crocheted fingerless gloves!
Level : Beginner.
No crochet flower no bow yet so stylish and elegant.

Make a chain of the size of the circumference of your hand. Join the ends.
Make a rounds of Single stitch.
Continue with the three rounds of Double Crochet Stitch and one single stitch after it.
Now it's time to make a hole for the Thumb.
For the Sixth round we do the single stitch again;anticlockwise this time
but increase the diameter of the gloves about the thickness of your hand.
Continue the rounds of single stitches;clockwise and then anticlockwise alternately up to the start of your wrist.
When you reach here make three rounds of double stitch followed by a round of single stitch.

you are done !

Take a separate  color yarn and make a a trim from the below and a single stitch from above.

Try it out now! You'll love it!

Embroidered Golden Crocheted Shoes

An elegant and unique crochet bellies pattern for fall and winter!
Make this fun crochet project with me., 
Here are my yarn supplies.........
The base color and additional colors to decorate with.
I chose golden color as my base color!

A crochet hook that would fit the yarn you have chosen. 


What to do now,
Take a yarn and start with the magic ring , the pattern is same as the  The blue bow bellies tutorial with only one difference i.e instead of making it with the double crochet stitch make it with the single crochet stitch.

you are done!

Make the border of the separate color yarn, i chose the brown one.

Now the embroidery : It's easier than you think.  
Take a yarn of your choice to make the flowers , loop the yarn through the gaps between the crochet stitches of the bellies, as can be seen in the picture.

The green stalk is made by looping the yarn through the bellie surface in XXX manner(refer to pic below)

You can add beads if you want to or keep it as it is!

Arent you done yet!! :) 

It is simply gorgeous ! isnt it??

Enjoy Crocheting!