Thursday, 14 March 2013

DIY Tissue Paper and Twigs Wreath

I made this wreath in Autumn last year and I'm such a lazy person to share it now, In spring! I thought it is not good but damn it I'm sharing it anyway.

I hope you like it and give it a try.

Materials Required:

Twigs. These can be arranged from any overgrown tree that needs trimming a bit.
Tissue paper or toilet paper.
Little Pebbles. I got mine from our driveway.

Lets Begin:

1. Twist your twig in a circle keeping one end longer. Wrap the longer end over the other end to make a complete circle. I'm using willow tree twigs, they are long shinny and bend easily. Also I've not skinned them, I like them as they are. Natural!

2. Take another twig and wrap it around the previous one( over the first round). First round is important, try to get the shape right.

3. Wrap as many twigs as you like taking one at a time until you are satisfied with the thickness of the wreath.

4. Trim out all the unruly twigs and use glue to fix them if needed.

Now lets make the stone ornament to decorate it with.

1. I found some really good shaped pebbles. For this you will have to search for nice looking pebbles all by yourself. The trick is try to put them together to see if they look good. I have put them to look like hugging couple. Isn't that cute?

2. With the help of Glue paste the pebbles on the hard cardboard piece and cut it around except for the bottom side, so that we can glue that to our twigs.

Decorating with tissue paper flowers.

1. Makes some tiny tissue paper flowers and paste them over the twigs. Simple.

You can hang it with the help of some ribbon. I hope you like my post. Thank you. Bye.

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