Thursday, 4 January 2018

Five Things Kashmiris Are Happy About

Sometimes it is the little things that bring the most happiness. Here are five things that most of the Kashmiris love and are happy about. (We are simply happy because of their existence)

1. Nun Chai. 

This tops our list. We cannot go a day without it. It is a tea specifically made in Kashmir. It is also called as Pink Tea. Noon chai or Nun chai takes a very long to prepare and is a most favorite beverage of the valley. It freshens up anyone who takes it. We prefer it in mornings and evenings and if possible at night too. We need it to function properly!

2. Kangri Josh and Pheran.

Well the most innovative method to keep warm for 8 months of cold, kashmiri's have devised centuries ago the very stuff that are ultimate to fight the biting cold in the valley.  A Kanger is a firepot in which coal is kindled to give warmth and a Pheran is a loose cloak worn by everyone.
The duo gets along very well.

Pic: Mudasir Rashid

3. Sheen

Snow. Like every one around the world, we too get eccentric at the sight of snow. Sheen mohnev(snow man) and sheen Jung ( snow fight) and sheen Kulfi (snow icecream) are must haves.

4. Wazwan

Got to have it once in a while. A big Meat feast. A treat for every thing. Whether you pass a class, visit relatives after a some time or any occasion, wazwan saal is must! No wazwan means you are not happy enough. And if happen to be a vegan, (which is rarest of the rare case) there is some problem with you!


5. Harisa

Another most loved delicacy of Kashmir. I just realized we are soo food obsessed that most of the things that bring us joy are Foods, non -veg foods(In kgs). Harisa is yet another delicious mutton meal. It is mainly had in winter.

What brings you joy? What are the special things of your country? 
Comment below and share with us, Hobbiesinn would love to hear from you.

P.S. None of the above pictures are mine. I googled them and while i was searching for the perfect pictures of happy kashmiris, i did not find many! All I saw were sad and grieving people. The reality hit me hard and made me think. What an irony! I was lost in the long history of turmoil of my homeland. How we try to find joy in small things when our hearts are breaking! I hope we are free of misiries very soon. 


  1. I love reading this post, I do believe most of the time we find a happiness in small things in live such as Nun chai it sounds delicious. Is it similar to Chai tea? chai tea is my favorite tea, I ordered from Starbuck all the time, although they charge ridiculously expensive but I keep coming back to them because I feel that they get it right. Anyhow, it is sad to read the problem in your homeland I hope you country will be free soon.

    1. Hi.
      Im glad you liked reading this post.
      Nun chai is salty. Its Milk, tea leaves, baking soda(optional), dry fruits(optional) and salt. Nothing like chai tea. :) Nun chai too is expensive to prepare; it takes hours but we cant imagine a day without it. :D.