Monday, 1 January 2018

Beginners Guide To Crochet a Fingerless Gloves. DIY Tutorial.

Hi guys, i'm sharing a basic fingerless gloves tutorial for my reader community. It is a beginners guide as so many people are new to crocheting I decided to post a simple tutorial first before moving on to some tricky ones.  You can watch a step by step tutorial on my youtube channel, don't forget to subscribe for the weekly fun craft tutorials.

Below you can find the written pattern for this gloves.


1. Medium Yarn
2. 2mm aluminium crochet hook


1. chain 35.
2. Round 1: Double crochet on the chain below. (33 stitches) Join the ends.
3. Round 2: Double crochet on each stitch.
4. Round 3. Change yarn color. Double crochet on each stitch.(33 stitches)
5. Round 4 - 5: Double crochet on each stitch.
6. Round 6: Double crochet on 29 stitches. leave 4 stitches. Make a chain 5. Join with other end.
7. Round 7 - 9: Double crochet on each stitch (34 stitches).
8. Round 10: Double crochet on each stitch. Decrease one. (33 stitches).
9. Round 11: Double crochet on each stitch. Decrease one. (32 stitches).
10. Round 12: Double crochet on each stitch. Decrease one. (31 stitches).
11. Round 13 - 15: Double crochet on each stitch. (31 stitches)
12. Round 16: Single crochet on each stitch. Secure firmly.

Decorate it as you wish.
The pattern is unisex, just don't decorate and use more manly colors.

Note: The number of stitches depend upon the size of yarn used and the size of hand. Increase or decrease the stitches accordingly. 

Happy crocheting.

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