Thursday, 28 December 2017

How To Make Your Own Yarn Pom-Pom

Hi Guys, Salaam.

It's Thursday evening and after a full day at work after that I had to scrap through through all the house work. Now am I sitting in my studio wondering what must I post today and share with you all.

So, today I am sharing a little pom pom tutorial with ya'all. While I was making these li'l Yarn fluffs I realized how much yarn does 1 ball take and how difficult it is. I have tried my best to show you how I did it and have broken the step wise tutorial for my readers.

In this project the size and the type of yarn matters. The perfect pom-pom depends upon how many rounds of yarn you will wind and of course the size of the ball.

Tools needed:

 You will require some yarn, scissor and a typically anything for measurement. I use my scissor handle. It worked fine.
You can use a fork for small balls.
or toilet paper rolls for larger balls.

This is what you have to do:

1. wrap the yarn over fork, scissor handle in my case or toilet paper rolls.

2. If your size of ball is small make lesser wraps and if it larger than more the number of times you wrap the more better your pom pom will be.

3. Pull out and tie with a strand of yarn in the middle. Tie it firmly.

4. Trim the two ends and open them up.

5. Using your fingers spread out all the strands of yarn.

6. Give it a shape with the help of scissor.

7. Ta-Da! That done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and this comes handy in your craft projects, decorations, or any other projects. Feel free to show us your pictures of colorful pom-poms.

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