Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How To Get Stuff Done?

Hi guys!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts as much a s I love posting them. The topic that I chose for today is "HOW TO GET STUFF DONE?" Well, it is the most coldest time of the year so many of you like me, prefer to stay indoors with "Pheran" and "Kangri". Moreover the days too are very short which means very little time to get all the things done. I have found that most of the days I am not able to complete with all the tasks that I have to do and makes me wonder all the time if it is me who is getting lazy or is it the time, that is running short. Basically it is both and add the intense below zero temperature to it.

However, I have listed some good key points that might help me and you to get through this winter and the stuff that needs to be done.

Read along.

1. Motivation

Why? Obviously!
The first and foremost step to get anything done is the right motivation. Find it! And it is present everywhere; internet, blogs, books, magazines, friends, family, anywhere, everywhere. 
Let the power of this motivation drive you with full energy to get your stuff done.

2. List-it

I know right! There is a huge bunch of things that need to be sorted out and you don't know how and where to start. Well, Grab a notebook or a diary and make a list of all the tasks that you have to do. Make lists of all the things and of all sorts that are feasible to you. Start with the task that has the highest priority. Mark the ones that you have done. Make sub-lists of the tasks that are composed of many sub tasks. For example: If one of the larger tasks you want to conquer is cleaning your room, make another list of specific tasks. This would include vacuuming, re-organizing your makeup, and getting rid of junk.

3. Do it

To get anything done, you got to do it. Come out of your warm and cozy cocoon and grab the tools that are required to get the stuff done. How else are you going to do it, it you are not doing it? Does that make sense? 
Okay, start with the smallest tasks that require the least amount of your time. This will make your list a lot little and will make you feel accomplished. Your motivation will also surge. Use this motivation to tackle the bigger tasks that require greater efforts.

4. Finish it off!

Once you have finished everything on the TO-DO list, check them all and share with your friends and family. That is you moment of accomplishment! 
Take your time, enjoy and make more lists. 

Well, work is a never ending thing. 

Was this article helpful? Share with us your ways of how to get stuff done. what do you do to keep yourself motivated? How do you feel when you are done with your Stuff?

Bye friends!

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