Friday, 22 December 2017

10 Great Tips For Crafters

Hi everyone. Today I'll be sharing some tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years of crafting with my fellow crafters. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced crafter of not, this list has something for everyone, hopefully.

These tips are lifesaving and I considered them as "crafters Good Habits" 
Okay, let's start.

1. Use velcro Strips to stop your rugs from moving. We do have those rugs at home that we have to cautious about while stepping on them. They tend to move and slip from their place. The solution is, do not affix whole carpet to the floor, rather affix a strip of velcro to both floor and carpet and join them together. 
It helps, you can do your cleaning in much better way.
Wish I had known this before we pasted whole of our carpet on our marble floor!

2. Use dry tea bags to get rid of bad odour from your smelly shoes. Simply place the dry tea bags in the shoes and take them out when you have to wear them. 

3. Wash your paint brushes with the hair conditioner. Soak them for few minuted in hair conditioner and wash with luke warm water. I love this one because I have a habit to let the paint dry on the paint brushes until it becomes hard.

4. Smooth out the creased ribbons with the help of hot light bulb. I stuff all my ribbon scraps in a big jar so will have to try this quick technique.

5. Is your scissor blunt and doesn't work properly? simply sharpen it by cutting the sandpaper. This totally works and keeps your scissors in better shape

6. For all the lazy crafters out there  press small pieces of fabric with a hair straightener rather than getting the ironing board out.

7. So you love candle making?  Are you tired of trying to clean surfaces with wax scraps? I have a trick for that too. Carefully pour just boiled water onto wax scraps left in glass candle containers. Leave to cool and the wax will come free from the jar. Use the wax scraps to make more candles using this DIY!

8. Pick up seed beads and glitter mess with a lint roller. crafters have a habit to spill almost everything and those beads are messy to work with and they never behave. Getting them on a lint roller is so helpful.

9.  Use a teapot as a thrifty alternative to a yarn bowl and place your yarn at one place! Make sure your teapot is clean and dry though! Put the yarn ball in the teapot and pull the free end from the nose of the pot. 

10. Sharpen craft punches by punching tin foil. Clever eh?! There is a way to sharpen those punches too. 

If you have any crafting tip to share please comment below. I would love to increase this list and learn from you people. Share your habits here....

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