Wednesday, 20 December 2017

5 Minute Sewing Projects for Fun

This post is a compilation. This is my first ever compilation. I could have done them myself but hey why should I redo the tutorials when my fellow bloggers have made beautiful tutorials already. Each of these projects make me want to start right over with my sewing machine and pretty fabrics.

This post comprises of 5 minute sewing crafts that one can easily do. They come in handy from nifty storage ideas or Diy home decor.

Lets begin then!

1. 5 Minute Pillows.

Make these adorable pillows for yourself. Tutorial by ramblingrenovators

2. 5 Minute fabric flowers.

You can use them to decorate any bag or boxex. Maybe use one of them as Hijab pins.
Tutorial by crazylittleprojects

3. 5 Minute gift card holder.

Make this easy gift card holder so you can give your loved ones what they want but give a little DIY gift with it to make it feel just a little more special. Tutorial by so-sew-easy

4. 5 Minute easy Apron

There is so much you can do with those 1 yard pieces of fabrics and a Diy apron is one of them.
Check this tutorial by Hobbiesinn.

5. 5 Minute Kimono.

who doesn't want to be fashionable and that too if it comes at low price. Check this refashion from a scarf to a kimono by keepupwithusjones

6. 5 Minute laptop Sleeve.

sewsomestuff gives us some pretty tutorial for our laptops.

7. 5 Minute Bows.

Bows come handy in almost all cute sewing projects. Use them in decorating bags, pillows, dresses, hair accessories, anything. Check out this super easy tutorial by Hobbiesinn.

8. 5 Minute Key Hangers.

Messing with those keys? try making these cute Key fabs all by yourself in just 5 minutes. 
Tutorial by cloverandviolet

9. 5 Minute Ribbon bookmarks.

Are you a bookholic? Make these super easy and cute bookmarks for yourself from ribbons.
Tutorial by: sparklesofsunshine

10. 5 Minute Sun-glass case.

Your sunglasses are one of those things that you need to take care of and how else could you do it but by making a pretty sun-glass case and that too in 5 minutes.
Tutorial by crazylittleprojects

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