Tuesday, 19 December 2017

DIY Easy Crochet Headband Pattern - Free

Hi guys! Its the time of the year where you are too much eager and excited to make new things for yourself. I will start by saying that this is the easiest pattern that I am going to share. It is a beginner level project but anyone wiyh a likeness for headbands and ear warmens can do it.

Pic: Rescuedpawdes


1. Crochet hook. The size will depend on the weight of yarn you are using.
2. Any worst weighted yarn.
3. Scissor.


Row 1: Chain 56. Slip stitch with the first stitch. 
You will have a round of chain with no end.

Row 2 to 8:  Make double crochet stitch in each chain stitch below. Join with the first of the row.

Thats it. Now if you wish you can clinch it at one place to add twist to it.

You  can always add or reduce size by adding or reducing stitches in the first row. Its very easy and quick. Its defintly something that you can make yourself. Want a more snug fit?  Reduce the number of stitches in first row. If you want it loose? Increase the stitches.

Try it in various types of yarns and colors.

If you are not sure of it being fit to you, simply chain and measure it around your head.

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