Friday, 29 December 2017

2018 - How To Make Time For Yourself.

Guys 2017 is finally coming to an end. As for me, it doesn't matter, the days are all same, we all are same. It just instead of 7 we are going to use 8 now. We continue to struggle, to survive. Its just that time of the year when most of us make new resolutions, become positive (suddenly) about all the things that are weighing us down.  We make goals and plans for the year. We do follow some of them for some time of-course. And normally majority of us fail. But there is something that should not only be a new-Year's resolution (meant for later to be forgotten about) but a resolution for all our days. Beginning today. Why wait for January 1 at all.

Folks I'm talking about "YOU" , "YOURSELF"!

We may make many goals and give up on them but this is not the thing to be given up about. "YOU" is magical and spectacular. Putting "YOU" on top priority will make your all days amazing. Coming days make more time for yourself. This goal, this resolution is needed by us, by all of us.

I do not mean that this should be your only goal. You make all the hell of the goals again, set your plans and mess them up again. But do not mess with this one. Make this a priority. We must not forget ourselves in the process of surviving 2018.

So how can you make more time for yourself?

1. Meditate.

Put everything aside. Switch off that phone. (Probably put it inside the wardrobe and lock it, LOL) Find a li'l calm place at your home. Bring in the things that sooth your heart and mind. Pray if it is the time to pray. Remember your Lord. Meditate, craft, paint, do whatever that will heal you. Just breath.

No one's watching, you don't have to be act. Be YOU for YOU. Enjoy your own company.

2. Treat yourself.

Are you purchasing gifts for your loved ones quiet often? Buy yourself one too. Go out, you don't always need friends. Shop, eat, spend on yourself. Go to that thrifty saloon (help yourself). Go for a manicure. Just love yourself.

3. Read a Book.

Reading has a calming effect on our brain. For a moment you are out of the reality. It is very relaxing. There is just something about a cup of a coffee and a good book (not to mention the sound of the rain (if it is raining)). By the end of it you should enjoy it.

4. Enjoy the nature.

Look at the things around you. Look at the Gods creation. I never tire looking at the endless and vast sky. The perfect blue. Listen to the birds. Wake up early and feel the freshness in air. See how flowers are smiling at you. Look at the shapes of clouds. The sound of the rain, the depth of the snow, all cherish the heart. And if you are a Kashmiri, There is only beauty!

5. Exercise.

Yes! Positively! You read it right, Exercise! It is a natural anti-depressant. A life full of stress, why not pic some 20 minutes to wash that stress off of yourself. You don't deserve to be stressful. If you can, hit  gym. Go for swimming. Walk a mile. There are plenty of ways you can help your body and mind to stay healthy.

There are many ways to make a time for yourself. You just have to put a lil "ME TIME" in your schedule on a top priority. In 2018, make the difference, feel the difference.
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