Friday, 14 July 2017

Waterproof faux leather embroidered apron

I have been through the internet and you too can google out nearly 10,20,000 search results to see for yourself that the leather aprons are in vogue and expensive too. In this post I'm showing you how I used the faux leather in a classic fashionable way that was able to serve the purpose with style.

Besides being waterproof and durable they are easy to clean and store.

What materials i used:

> Faux leather( also Rexene)
> Tapestry needle and thread.
> Sequins
> Decorative ribbon.
> Fabric for straps.
> Sewing machine.

you can check my tutorial here to make one for yourself.

I decorated it with the self fashioned leather embroidery. These are colorful leather pieces cut in various shapes of flowers and leafs assembled and attached to the apron with the thread and a needle accompanied with colorful and cute sequins.

It looks stylish and beautiful.

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