Sunday, 16 April 2017

DIY Starburst boots.

So here we are again with the granny hexagon post. This time we are joining them to make a boot from them. It's colorful, super easy and super cute. 

We will need 6 granny hexagons and 2 slipper soles to complete this boot. I have already uploaded detailed tutorials for both of them. Click on the pictures below to get to them.

Step 1: Take 3 hexagons and join them in a way as in picture below. 

Step 2: Put this arrangement on the slipper sole and stitch them as shown in picture. the black dotted line joins with the edge of the sole. and the white lines joins together to form the back of the boot.

Step 3: This is how it will look from the side. 1 hexagon will cover the foot and 2 others will cover the ankles.

Step 4: Make a row of single crochet over the rim of the boot and if you wish you can make a string and tie them up when you wear these classy boots.

The final picture.

Leave your comments and tell me what you think about this pattern.
Thank you and keep crocheting.

How to crochet a starburst hexagon

Look at these colors and how wonderful they look together. Spring is already here and this hexagon pattern is bringing in extra positive energy. I'm getting overwhelmed with joy that I'm finally able to upload this beautiful pattern.

I have a video version of this already uploaded on YouTube. Keep scrolling to get to it.

Materials Required:

I used:

3 ply cotton yarn in colors Bright Red, Green, Yolk Yellow,and Sky-blue.
9 g poly hook(3.25 mm aluminium hook)

Stitches Used:

Round one Treble stitch.
Round two Puff stitch.
Round three double crochet.
Round four double crochet.
Round five single crochet.

If you are not a crocheter already you can check it out here. Its super easy.


1. Chain 4. Join to make magic ring.

2. Round 1. (Color-Red) Chain 3. Wrap yarn twice on the hook. Going through the magic ring pull yarn through once. you will have 4 loops on the hook. Pull yarn through 2. Pull through 2 again. Pull through last 2. That's one treble complete. Wrap yarn on hook twice again to start a new stitch. Repeat for 16 more times. (total stitch count=18)
Weave in and fasten off the yarn tail.

3. Round 2. (Color-Green)Make a slip knot and join with the red ring just made. Chain 3. Wrap yarn around the hook, insert through the same hole and pull once. Wrap again and pull again. Repeat one more time. [i.e. 3 time in total] You will have 7 loops on the hook. Pull yarn through 6 of them leaving the last one. Now you will be left with 2 loops on the hook. Pull yarn through both of them and chain 1.
This stitch is called puffy stitch.
Repeat this for each hole. you should have 18 puffs by the end of this round. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

4. Round 3. (Color-Yellow)  Make a slip knot and join with the previous round. Chain 3. This round includes only double crochet stitches. Again we will be working in holes rather that stitches. Wrap yarn around the hook, insert through the hole we have joined our yarn with. Work a double crochet stitch but don't complete it. work 2 more double crochets in the same manner, but don't complete any of them. You will have 4 loops from the four double crochet stitches on the hook. Pull yarn through all of them and chain 2. work four double crochet in each of the next holes of this round. Join, fasten off and weave.

5. Round 4. (Color-Blue) Join the blue colored yarn to the previous round. this round is also worked in double crochets. Make 2 complete double crochets in first hole. make 2 more in next. in third hole work 5 double crochets in a single hole. We don't chain in between stitches in this round. The pattern is simple: 2 stitches in one, 2 in next and 5 stitches in 3rd. Repeat for the entire row. By the end of this round we will have 6 edges and 6 vertices.
Join the ends.

6. Round 5. (Color-Blue) We don't fasten off and weave but we continue for the last round. In this round we keep on crocheting single crochets in each previous stitch. when we reach the center of each vertex i.e. the 3rd stitch of the vertex, make 3 single crochet stitches in same stitch. this will make the vertex more detailed and will prevent hexagon from curving.

You can also watch the video for this tutorial on our YouTube channel.

I hope that this tutorial will be helpful to you in your blanket and slipper projects.
leave your comments below and let me know what you think about it.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Benefits of being crafty

We all have our hobbies. The things we indulge in after a long, tiring day at work. Haven't you noticed yet that they are so relaxing? If you don't have any hobby, try to find one for yourself and make it a habit to work on it often.

Whether you are a crocheter, a painter or an embroiderer, being crafty can benefit your mind and body. Research shows that being crafty can have health benefits.

If you have kids than you should encourage kids to be more creative and imaginative as crafts do have so many developmental benefits for children too.

      Keep reading, I have jotted them all.      

1. Reduces Stress.

The repetitive motions of a craft like sewing or knitting can produce a calming effect which is almost equivalent to meditation.

2. Reduces Anxiety.

The anxiety disorders are on rise. Being crafty can help improve the condition of a person suffering from anxiety.  Repetitive and constant motions of crafts develop a rhythm and this rhythm can help people with anxiety disorders.
Knitting therapist Betsan Corkhill surveyed 3454 knitters and more than half of them said they felt very happy after knitting. Many of them stated that they knitted specifically for relaxation and stress relief, and those who knitted more frequently reported more mental and emotional relief than those who did it less frequently - they reported feeling calmer, happier, less sad, less anxious and more confident.

3. Improves Problem Solving and Mindfulness. 

Doing stuff together with friends can aid in mind and brain wellness. It improves the capabilities of problem solving and attentiveness. Moreover being crafty helps in development of hand-eye coordination.

4. Sense of Achievement.

Being crafty can also give you a sense of pride and achievement. It can boost ones mood, induce happiness and increases persons self-esteem, patience and perseverance.

5. Helps People with Eating Disorders.

A small study performed in Canada focused on people with Anorexia Nervosa. Many of these women were given free knitting lessons and a research was conducted that showed [and many of them agreed] that taking lessons reduced their fears of eating.

6. Prevents Your Brain From Ageing Quicker.

This may seem weird but when we are being creative, our brains release dopamine, which is natural anti-depressant. Studies shows that crafting activities help in delaying brain aging by reducing stress and improving mindfulness. Creative activities even help in alleviating depression.

7.  Has developmental benefits for children.

Developing creativity in children provides a stable foundation for future learning. Helps children with their confidence and self-esteem. Its something that they don't have to about grades and can express themselves in best possible manner.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi said this during a TED talk in 2004
" When we are involved in creativity we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life. You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. you forget yourself. you feel part of something larger."

As a child I have always been into crafts. As an adult I blog about them. I can tell you by personal experience that, it works. I have too many hobbies and I enjoy each one of them. As a matter of fact I never get bored.  Being bored is not in my dictionary. [Because it is being crafty, always].

Think about something you would love to invest your time into. Maybe it is crocheting, Sketching or even cooking. Doesn't it always make you feel great? Doesn't it de-stress you? Don't you get happy? Well, than what are you thinking? Wanna try crocheting?