Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Up-cycle an old phone case.

Smart phones. Trendy covers. Glitter and holo. That's what we want!

If a smart phone is expensive so is its cover. We don't need to be some artists to make one cute trendy Phone case. Hence, we tried a simple Diy to upgrade a cheap, transparent plastic Phone cover into a little glitter.

Its cute, useful and we can make many of them with variety of designs and colors and change them often.

You will need:

Ordinary Tape.
Paper cutter.
Phone case.
Black nail paint of acrylic color.
Paint Brush.
Golden glitter nail paint.
Scissor if need be.


1. Since my tape was a bit thicker in width I cut it into half using a paper cutter So that my stripes are thinner.
2. Paste them at equal lengths from inside of the phone cover.

3. Take some black acrylic paint or nail polish and apply in the spaces left out.
4. Let it dry.

5. Pull the tape off and fill the spaces with the golden nail paint.
6. let it dry.
5. You can adorn it with pearls, and beads.
6. Put a piece of paper on the inside of the Phone case.
7. Put it on your phone. 

That's it.

You can try variety of designs and colors to beautify that silly looking case using nail paints.