Wednesday, 8 February 2017

DIY beginners cowl.

Who doesn't want a trendy cowl to flaunt during the best time of the year. And what if you get it cheaply without spending lots of bucks on ready made products. Plus it can form an adorable gift for someone you love.

With all this in mind we have made awesome and cozy cowl DIY pattern anyone can do. You don't have to be a master crocheter to do this. This is super easy and unisex till you add that rose to it.

Skill Required:


Materials Required:

Chunky Yarn. Emerald and Grey
Crochet hook size 10.
Beads for adornment.


Step 1.

Round 1: Chain 115.
Round 2. Make 115 double crochets over this chain.
Round 3 to 24: Double crochet over and over again.
Fasten off.

Step 2.

Stitch the two ends of your crochet patch together. you can use yarn for that or a needle and thread.

There you go. its unisex and simple.

Step 3.

The rose:
It is made from grey yarn. This tutorial will help you make one.
The string:
Round 1: Chain 230.
Round 2: Slip stitch over each stitch.

Making a string.

Ready to assemble

Step 4.

Affix the rose on the cowl and draw the string through the holes of the double crochet made.

Wear it and flaunt it.
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