Saturday, 30 December 2017

7 Ways To Boost Your Immune System During Winter!

We are a week into chillai Kalan (the harsh winter period) and the weather is terribly cold. We’re are all coughing and sniffing and add the regular power cuts to the winter woes. No one would like to fall sick and have common cold at any cost. To avoid the horribly stuffy nose we need to boost our Immune system. So, instead of staying away from sick friends, boot your immune system and brace up the odds. We cannot entirely avoid it, but hey, we can follow some super easy routines and find how best we can keep away from it.

1.       Avoid Stress.

Enjoy life. Relax, laugh and avoid negativity. Stress and depression can weaken your immune system and make you susceptible to infections. We can’t control the factors that bring in stress in our lives but can control how we react to them! Let go of the things that are bothering you and pay attention to the ones that bring you joy. Take everything positively. This is easier said than done but with great motivation we achieve do anything.

2.       Eat balanced Diet.

Take care of what you eat and how healthy it is. You need vitamins and minerals to support your immune system. Focus on eating whole foods such as animal proteins( not to mention that to a Kashmiri, our meals are incomplete without them) legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds as well as fresh fruits and salads.

Avoid processed foods and foods with artificial sweeteners. Such foods suppress immune system.

3.       Take antioxidants.

Apart from taking balanced diet, take sufficient amount of vitamin C. Find out foods rich in vitamin C and include them in daily routine. Do not just cram them in when you have hand not any since few months. That will surely give you a bout of cold. This one must be planned ahead but even if you have not planned it, you got to take them.

You can find these vitamins in foods like Broccoli, Almond Nuts, and any Citrus foods.

4.       Get enough sleep.

Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Make sure you do not waste your precious time on social media and watching Netflix, a good amount of sleep is highly recommended for healthy body and mind. Again it doesn’t mean you sleep at odd times. Rest your biological clock (natural cycle). It can get hard first but you will get this routine in few days. Listening to your body is important.

5.       Move those limbs!

A regular exercise routine keeps the sickness away. Workout will keep the flu away and help your Immune system to get strong. It relaxes the body and mind.

I do not mean you to do heavy cardio and overdo it, just simple and easy exercises, that will let you move your body enough to keep it healthy. If you can do even that, than take a brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes everyday!

6.       Soak up some sunlight.

Winter is no reason to stay indoors (wearing Pheran and hugging Kangri) instead, go out and soak up some sunshine. Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D, it not only helps your immune system but also helps your nails and hair grow.

Try to go out few times a week into the sun and get a vitamin D recharge.

7.       Drink plenty of clean water.

Winter or not, staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health. It helps in production of lymph which carried white blood cells throughout our body. And hence, fights bacteria and infection causing germs.

You can add some lemon to it and boost it a bit more.

You can also take Lassi (made from curd and water). It keeps your body hydrated too.

How do you avoid the dreaded common cold? Let us know in the comments section below… 

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Friday, 29 December 2017

2018 - How To Make Time For Yourself.

Guys 2017 is finally coming to an end. As for me, it doesn't matter, the days are all same, we all are same. It just instead of 7 we are going to use 8 now. We continue to struggle, to survive. Its just that time of the year when most of us make new resolutions, become positive (suddenly) about all the things that are weighing us down.  We make goals and plans for the year. We do follow some of them for some time of-course. And normally majority of us fail. But there is something that should not only be a new-Year's resolution (meant for later to be forgotten about) but a resolution for all our days. Beginning today. Why wait for January 1 at all.

Folks I'm talking about "YOU" , "YOURSELF"!

We may make many goals and give up on them but this is not the thing to be given up about. "YOU" is magical and spectacular. Putting "YOU" on top priority will make your all days amazing. Coming days make more time for yourself. This goal, this resolution is needed by us, by all of us.

I do not mean that this should be your only goal. You make all the hell of the goals again, set your plans and mess them up again. But do not mess with this one. Make this a priority. We must not forget ourselves in the process of surviving 2018.

So how can you make more time for yourself?

1. Meditate.

Put everything aside. Switch off that phone. (Probably put it inside the wardrobe and lock it, LOL) Find a li'l calm place at your home. Bring in the things that sooth your heart and mind. Pray if it is the time to pray. Remember your Lord. Meditate, craft, paint, do whatever that will heal you. Just breath.

No one's watching, you don't have to be act. Be YOU for YOU. Enjoy your own company.

2. Treat yourself.

Are you purchasing gifts for your loved ones quiet often? Buy yourself one too. Go out, you don't always need friends. Shop, eat, spend on yourself. Go to that thrifty saloon (help yourself). Go for a manicure. Just love yourself.

3. Read a Book.

Reading has a calming effect on our brain. For a moment you are out of the reality. It is very relaxing. There is just something about a cup of a coffee and a good book (not to mention the sound of the rain (if it is raining)). By the end of it you should enjoy it.

4. Enjoy the nature.

Look at the things around you. Look at the Gods creation. I never tire looking at the endless and vast sky. The perfect blue. Listen to the birds. Wake up early and feel the freshness in air. See how flowers are smiling at you. Look at the shapes of clouds. The sound of the rain, the depth of the snow, all cherish the heart. And if you are a Kashmiri, There is only beauty!

5. Exercise.

Yes! Positively! You read it right, Exercise! It is a natural anti-depressant. A life full of stress, why not pic some 20 minutes to wash that stress off of yourself. You don't deserve to be stressful. If you can, hit  gym. Go for swimming. Walk a mile. There are plenty of ways you can help your body and mind to stay healthy.

There are many ways to make a time for yourself. You just have to put a lil "ME TIME" in your schedule on a top priority. In 2018, make the difference, feel the difference.
Mention your thoughts in the comments. I would love to listen to all of them

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

How To Make Your Own Yarn Pom-Pom

Hi Guys, Salaam.

It's Thursday evening and after a full day at work after that I had to scrap through through all the house work. Now am I sitting in my studio wondering what must I post today and share with you all.

So, today I am sharing a little pom pom tutorial with ya'all. While I was making these li'l Yarn fluffs I realized how much yarn does 1 ball take and how difficult it is. I have tried my best to show you how I did it and have broken the step wise tutorial for my readers.

In this project the size and the type of yarn matters. The perfect pom-pom depends upon how many rounds of yarn you will wind and of course the size of the ball.

Tools needed:

 You will require some yarn, scissor and a typically anything for measurement. I use my scissor handle. It worked fine.
You can use a fork for small balls.
or toilet paper rolls for larger balls.

This is what you have to do:

1. wrap the yarn over fork, scissor handle in my case or toilet paper rolls.

2. If your size of ball is small make lesser wraps and if it larger than more the number of times you wrap the more better your pom pom will be.

3. Pull out and tie with a strand of yarn in the middle. Tie it firmly.

4. Trim the two ends and open them up.

5. Using your fingers spread out all the strands of yarn.

6. Give it a shape with the help of scissor.

7. Ta-Da! That done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and this comes handy in your craft projects, decorations, or any other projects. Feel free to show us your pictures of colorful pom-poms.

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

How to Cook Ghande Maaz (Onions and Meat) - Kashmiri style.

Today I'll take you to my kitchen and show you how we ksahmiris cook our Ghande Maaz. Ghande in kashmiri means Onion and Maaz is the word for meat. It is a regular homestyle dish and is cooked often. It is mainly served with rice - the staple food of Kashmir. (We can eat rice four times a day and as for Mutton is is as important as oxygen!). LOL. However, you can relish it with roti, naan, pulao etc.

Ghande Maaz has a rich spicy broth in which meat peices are cooked and it is very easy to prepare. 


  • 1 kg mutton, preferred with bone
  • 2 TBS cooking oil, (preferably mustard oil)
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 2  onions, sliced 
  • 1/2  tomatoes/tamatar, diced 
  • 2/3 garlic/lahsun 
  • 1 TBS ginger/adrak paste
  • 1 TBS coriander/dhania, ground
  • 2 tsp Kashmiri mirch 
  • 1 tsp turmeric/haldi
  • Few cardamoms(though you can omit them)
  • 1 inch piece cassia bark/dalchini (not mandatory)

This is how we cook it:

1. In a pressure cooker, heat oil, Put the finely washed mutton in it along with salt, ginger garlic, onion and tomatoes.

2. You can cook without tomatoes but that wont be as tangy and spicy.

3. Fry till the meat begins to brown and all the water is dried up. This may take about 10 to 20 minutes depending upon the freshness of meat.

4. Add the rest of the spices and mix well. Let it fry for 5 to 7 minutes.

5. Add 3 cups of water or at least enough water to cover the entire mixture.

6. Let it cook for a while until it starts to boil.

7. Seal the pressure cooker and continue to cook till 4 – 5 whistles or until the desired tenderness is achieved.

Serve hot. Must have delicacy from Kashmir. Try it and share the reviews with me. Enjoy.
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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How To Get Stuff Done?

Hi guys!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts as much a s I love posting them. The topic that I chose for today is "HOW TO GET STUFF DONE?" Well, it is the most coldest time of the year so many of you like me, prefer to stay indoors with "Pheran" and "Kangri". Moreover the days too are very short which means very little time to get all the things done. I have found that most of the days I am not able to complete with all the tasks that I have to do and makes me wonder all the time if it is me who is getting lazy or is it the time, that is running short. Basically it is both and add the intense below zero temperature to it.

However, I have listed some good key points that might help me and you to get through this winter and the stuff that needs to be done.

Read along.

1. Motivation

Why? Obviously!
The first and foremost step to get anything done is the right motivation. Find it! And it is present everywhere; internet, blogs, books, magazines, friends, family, anywhere, everywhere. 
Let the power of this motivation drive you with full energy to get your stuff done.

2. List-it

I know right! There is a huge bunch of things that need to be sorted out and you don't know how and where to start. Well, Grab a notebook or a diary and make a list of all the tasks that you have to do. Make lists of all the things and of all sorts that are feasible to you. Start with the task that has the highest priority. Mark the ones that you have done. Make sub-lists of the tasks that are composed of many sub tasks. For example: If one of the larger tasks you want to conquer is cleaning your room, make another list of specific tasks. This would include vacuuming, re-organizing your makeup, and getting rid of junk.

3. Do it

To get anything done, you got to do it. Come out of your warm and cozy cocoon and grab the tools that are required to get the stuff done. How else are you going to do it, it you are not doing it? Does that make sense? 
Okay, start with the smallest tasks that require the least amount of your time. This will make your list a lot little and will make you feel accomplished. Your motivation will also surge. Use this motivation to tackle the bigger tasks that require greater efforts.

4. Finish it off!

Once you have finished everything on the TO-DO list, check them all and share with your friends and family. That is you moment of accomplishment! 
Take your time, enjoy and make more lists. 

Well, work is a never ending thing. 

Was this article helpful? Share with us your ways of how to get stuff done. what do you do to keep yourself motivated? How do you feel when you are done with your Stuff?

Bye friends!

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Monday, 25 December 2017

Some Interesting Fun Facts About Crochet You Didn’t Know.

Hi guys. I have compiled a list of some very interesting fact about crocheting. I know many of you like to crochet but did you know what was the first crochet pattern that was released and when? Or is there any relation of crocheting to the world of mathematics? Well, below are some intriguing and fascinating at the same time, facts about crochet. The history and the love for crocheting are absolutely worthwhile to read.

Did you know.

  • The word crochet is derived from the middle French word “croc” or “croche” which means hook.
Metropolitan museum of Art.

  • The earliest forms of crocheting involved the use of fingers instead of hooks.

  • The way you hold your crochet hook is called the “knife hold way.”

  • The first crochet pattern was printed in a Dutch magazine in 1824 and it was called “Penelope”

  • Crocheting uses more yarn than knitting. (And I thought it to be other way round)

  • A double crochet stitch is four times larger than the knitted stitch.

  • People are more interested in crocheting than knitting and latest trends in google analytics shoe that it is surpassing knitting in popularity and it is suggested that it will remain so. Crocheting is booming.

  • The Weldon Company in London is known to have pulished first granny square pattern in 1897 and it is one of the longest crochet patterns in prints.

  • Crochet love will lead you to insane yarn shopping. It can make you yarnholic!

  • Crocheting turns your down time into productive time.

  • One of the presidents of US used to crochet. He was James Buchanan(1857 – 1861).

  • The crochet patterns have a mathematical structures underlying them. These have been used to illustrate shapes that are impossible to produce in any other medium. The patterns normally follow the Hyperbolic and fractal patterns. (we will discuss that in new post!)
Hyperbolic crochet pattern :

Fractal crochet pattern :

  • Crocheting is healthy. It reduces stress and makes you relax. (unless you are doing a complex pattern)

  • The first crochet hooks were made from hardened mud. It was replaced by volcanic rocks and later to fish bones. (And you thought your cute looking hook was there from start)

  • Crocheting is the second most loved hobby all over the world! (Did you think you were the only one?) It lost to bonsai, scrap-booking, butterfly chasing, and swimming with sharks.

  • People are proud of their crocheting hobby and it makes them happy. 

I hope you enjoyed reading these interesting and fascinating facts about crocheting as much as I did while writing them down! By the way, how many of these fascinating facts about crocheting did you already know? Do you know more? Mention them in the comments below.

keep on crocheting and have a fabulous week!

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Sunday, 24 December 2017

DIY Mini Origami Book - Tutorial

Hi guys, This weekend I'm going to show you how to make a Mini origami book. It's a DIY tutorial and I hope that you will like it. It was there in my drafts for a very long time now and today finally Im able to upload it. You can watch the video on my Youtube channel or here on my blog as well. 

According to wikipedia:
Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In modern usage, the word "origami" is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices, regardless of their culture of origin. 
The materials that are required for this project are craft paper, scissor, Glue stick and a measuring scale.

Origami is fun and easy. The tutorial is very easy to follow and anyone can do this. Origami craft is something that catches the eye of everyone and this DIY mini origami book can be the starting point of your origami craft. 

Try it and enjoy.

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Friday, 22 December 2017

10 Great Tips For Crafters

Hi everyone. Today I'll be sharing some tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years of crafting with my fellow crafters. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced crafter of not, this list has something for everyone, hopefully.

These tips are lifesaving and I considered them as "crafters Good Habits" 
Okay, let's start.

1. Use velcro Strips to stop your rugs from moving. We do have those rugs at home that we have to cautious about while stepping on them. They tend to move and slip from their place. The solution is, do not affix whole carpet to the floor, rather affix a strip of velcro to both floor and carpet and join them together. 
It helps, you can do your cleaning in much better way.
Wish I had known this before we pasted whole of our carpet on our marble floor!

2. Use dry tea bags to get rid of bad odour from your smelly shoes. Simply place the dry tea bags in the shoes and take them out when you have to wear them. 

3. Wash your paint brushes with the hair conditioner. Soak them for few minuted in hair conditioner and wash with luke warm water. I love this one because I have a habit to let the paint dry on the paint brushes until it becomes hard.

4. Smooth out the creased ribbons with the help of hot light bulb. I stuff all my ribbon scraps in a big jar so will have to try this quick technique.

5. Is your scissor blunt and doesn't work properly? simply sharpen it by cutting the sandpaper. This totally works and keeps your scissors in better shape

6. For all the lazy crafters out there  press small pieces of fabric with a hair straightener rather than getting the ironing board out.

7. So you love candle making?  Are you tired of trying to clean surfaces with wax scraps? I have a trick for that too. Carefully pour just boiled water onto wax scraps left in glass candle containers. Leave to cool and the wax will come free from the jar. Use the wax scraps to make more candles using this DIY!

8. Pick up seed beads and glitter mess with a lint roller. crafters have a habit to spill almost everything and those beads are messy to work with and they never behave. Getting them on a lint roller is so helpful.

9.  Use a teapot as a thrifty alternative to a yarn bowl and place your yarn at one place! Make sure your teapot is clean and dry though! Put the yarn ball in the teapot and pull the free end from the nose of the pot. 

10. Sharpen craft punches by punching tin foil. Clever eh?! There is a way to sharpen those punches too. 

If you have any crafting tip to share please comment below. I would love to increase this list and learn from you people. Share your habits here....

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Knitting For Kids - Little DIY Bunny

A li'l projects for lovely creative and crafty kids. A sweet yellow yarny bunny. Its very easy and doesn't require any great expertise. The pattern too is easy to follow. So all kids there, grab a ball of yarn of your favorite color and two knitting needles. 

Our yarny bunny knitted using a garter stitch.


1. Using your knitting needles and your favorite yarn make 25 stitches.
2. Continue making purl stitches until 30 rows are made.
3. Mark and Make a triangular area on one side, stitch along the marked area and pull the thread. As in picture.
4. Pull the ends of this thread. Fill it in with the cotton. This part is the head and the two ears.
5. Stuff the other part and close with a yarn needle and yarn.
6. Affix a pom pom as a tail.
7. Make eyes and mouth with the help of paints.
And then you are done.

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

5 Minute Sewing Projects for Fun

This post is a compilation. This is my first ever compilation. I could have done them myself but hey why should I redo the tutorials when my fellow bloggers have made beautiful tutorials already. Each of these projects make me want to start right over with my sewing machine and pretty fabrics.

This post comprises of 5 minute sewing crafts that one can easily do. They come in handy from nifty storage ideas or Diy home decor.

Lets begin then!

1. 5 Minute Pillows.

Make these adorable pillows for yourself. Tutorial by ramblingrenovators

2. 5 Minute fabric flowers.

You can use them to decorate any bag or boxex. Maybe use one of them as Hijab pins.
Tutorial by crazylittleprojects

3. 5 Minute gift card holder.

Make this easy gift card holder so you can give your loved ones what they want but give a little DIY gift with it to make it feel just a little more special. Tutorial by so-sew-easy

4. 5 Minute easy Apron

There is so much you can do with those 1 yard pieces of fabrics and a Diy apron is one of them.
Check this tutorial by Hobbiesinn.

5. 5 Minute Kimono.

who doesn't want to be fashionable and that too if it comes at low price. Check this refashion from a scarf to a kimono by keepupwithusjones

6. 5 Minute laptop Sleeve.

sewsomestuff gives us some pretty tutorial for our laptops.

7. 5 Minute Bows.

Bows come handy in almost all cute sewing projects. Use them in decorating bags, pillows, dresses, hair accessories, anything. Check out this super easy tutorial by Hobbiesinn.

8. 5 Minute Key Hangers.

Messing with those keys? try making these cute Key fabs all by yourself in just 5 minutes. 
Tutorial by cloverandviolet

9. 5 Minute Ribbon bookmarks.

Are you a bookholic? Make these super easy and cute bookmarks for yourself from ribbons.
Tutorial by: sparklesofsunshine

10. 5 Minute Sun-glass case.

Your sunglasses are one of those things that you need to take care of and how else could you do it but by making a pretty sun-glass case and that too in 5 minutes.
Tutorial by crazylittleprojects

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

DIY Easy Crochet Headband Pattern - Free

Hi guys! Its the time of the year where you are too much eager and excited to make new things for yourself. I will start by saying that this is the easiest pattern that I am going to share. It is a beginner level project but anyone wiyh a likeness for headbands and ear warmens can do it.

Pic: Rescuedpawdes


1. Crochet hook. The size will depend on the weight of yarn you are using.
2. Any worst weighted yarn.
3. Scissor.


Row 1: Chain 56. Slip stitch with the first stitch. 
You will have a round of chain with no end.

Row 2 to 8:  Make double crochet stitch in each chain stitch below. Join with the first of the row.

Thats it. Now if you wish you can clinch it at one place to add twist to it.

You  can always add or reduce size by adding or reducing stitches in the first row. Its very easy and quick. Its defintly something that you can make yourself. Want a more snug fit?  Reduce the number of stitches in first row. If you want it loose? Increase the stitches.

Try it in various types of yarns and colors.

If you are not sure of it being fit to you, simply chain and measure it around your head.

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Grow Your Business With These 10 Tips For Photographing Your Crafts.

Your photographs represent your brand. Yes you are creative, you are talented and you can have a beautiful business growth. But if you are not putting you best foot forward in photographing your handmade treasures you are harming your business more than you are doing good.

A beautiful picture has a greater impact on the minds of your prospecting customers. Your pictures speak volumes of how efficient you are. A bad picture may put off a person and a good picture will earn you benefits. You may wonder that you are not a photographer and do not have a great camera or props to style your pictures, worry not! I have compiled some tips for my lovely readers for photographing their crafts.  I have picked up these tricks over the years of my blogging and have figured out what works best.

1. Keep it natural.

The natural sunlight is best for any picture to stand out. I do not mean to picture your item in scorching sun but use the natural light. Natural sunlight will always give you best photo no matter what camera you use. Indoor pictures with artificial and dim lights may put yellow cast on the picture or may make look your product look lifeless. The colors too don’t look good.

2. Keep it indirect.

Again I don’t say the item has to be in sun, in direct sun too the picture will look less appeling. You got to be indirect.  As long as natural light is hitting your item, you are in good position to capture a beautiful picture. I actually take most of my photos for use here on the blog and in my crochet patterns on the floor of our verandah.
Work with what you’ve got, I say!

3. Use lights if needed.

If you are working late in night and cant photograph in sunlight than you can use a lighting kit or the light in the room must be very bright so that picture will look good. Dim light will make your picture look bad. Also the source of light must not be angled at any position and no shadows must be cast on the item.

4. Photograph with more than one camera.

If you can, and if you have then why not experiment with various cameras and make sure which one works best. Whatever works good, use that.

5. Take multiple photos.

Never be satisfied with just one picture. Always take multiple shots in different angles and positions at varying distances. Sometimes the photos I end up using in a blog post or on my Pinterest account are the photos I thought wouldn’t turn out well at all.
You do take many selfies before you are satisfied with one so why not with your product. Remember it speaks volumes about your business.

6. Use a backdrop.

Backdrops or backgrounds are essential for any picture to stand out. You don’t need any fancy charms or ornaments. Use what you have.
Keep your background simple and minimal. Don’t overcrowd with things that may deviate the attention from the subject. If you can’t purchase a professional backdrop than you can always use a white sheet, your marble or wood flooring. Or maybe a simple cement surface. All looks good with good light and good angle. Don’t use colorful and patterned surfaces of quilts or blanket.  

7. Stage, stage, stage!

How you stage (place) your items makes all the difference. For example, if you are selling a jewelry than take picture while wearing them but take care of your messy hair and make sure you look good. selling crochet mitts? Take pictures while wearing them and while not. Do try to make a difference. See how they ( big giant bloggers and crafters) do it. Take inspiration from there.
Try to showcase all aspects of your product. Color, size, style etc.

8. Use Props.

When you take a picture of your product, use any good props like flowers, leaves, charms etc that will make your picture look better. But don’t overdo it. For example if you are selling a blanket, drape it around a chair. Put a coffee cup near it or some magazines may be. The look and feel will make people feel good about it.

9. Use a free online/offline photo editing tool.

Use any free online or offline photo editing tool. You can use photoshop if you are well versed with technology. Otherwise picas works fine for offline editing. Canva or picmoney are best online editing tools. Play store too offers various photo editing tools. You can adjust brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights in these editing tools. Just don’t use any dramatic effects as a professional doesn’t do that. Don’t unnecessarily blur or vignette your pictures. That is for kids, you know!

10. Use your logo!

I can not stress the importance of using a watermark or at least adding your name to the photos you post online. If you make gorgeous items (which of course you do!) those images will be shared. Once they are, it is out of your control. At least give people seeing it a way to find you if they see that shared photo on Facebook.  Canva has a great text tool that you can fade out to create a watermark on your photos – and for free!

If i have missed any tip, kindly mention in comments.

I hope this piece of article was helful to you.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Easy Eggplant Chutney-Recipe

A recipe typical to Kashmir and especially my home. I tried to find common Kashmiri food recipes around the web but unfortunately didn't find much. Though not an expert in cooking i decided that i will post some common and easy everyday foods along with other delicacies in my blog. So, here is one such recipe - Eggplant chutney.

Eggplants are much loved by everyone in my homeland and it is eaten both fresh and dried. However, In our recipe we have used freshly picked eggplants.


1. 6-8 medium sized eggplants.
2. Vegetable oil, 1 Tablespoon.
3. Salt to taste.
4. Red chilli powder, to taste.
5. Turmeric, 1.5 teaspoon.
6. Ginger Garlic paste, 1 teaspoon.
7. Fennel powder, half teaspoon.
8. 1 Egg.


1. Sprinkle half a teaspoon of salt over the chopped eggplants and let it sit for 30 - 45 minutes. 

2. Drain the water and wash them. Put them in a frying pan along with oil, salt and ginger garlic paste.
3. Cook till all the water that the vegetable gives out is absorbed.
4. Add all the remaining spices and cook.
5. If it gets too dry, add some water and let it cook.
6. Add 1 egg and mix it thoroughly.

7. Cook for few more minutes.
8. Serve with rice of roti.

9. Enjoy.

Friday, 15 December 2017

DIY Crochet Baby Pants/Trousers.

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The new crochet tutorial is here. This is a crochet baby pants suitable for 0 to 1 month old baby.  Join me today and make this exceptionally cute and easy trouser for the newly arrived little one.

Skill: Beginner


Hook 5 mm
Yarn needle
Measurement tape

Waist: 5 inches/44.5 cms
Inside leg: 6 inches/15 cms
Length from the waist: 11 inches/28 cms

Why am I using measurements?
Simply because the number of stitches may vary with the size of yarn being used. If you are using chunky yarn than the number of stitches will be less but if you are using very thin yarn, the number of stitches will be increased.



This pattern starts from the waist. 

You will start with simple chain. The number of stitches that I used are 62.

Rounds 1: Double crochet into each chain
Round 2 - 8: Double crochet into each previous stitch.


To start working on legs, fold the waist patch you have made and count the number of stitches. For me it was 31 stitches. (As the total number of stitches were 62, half will be 31)

Leg 1:

We will start working on these 31 stitches and compose one leg first.

Round 1 to 10: Double crochet stitch into each stitch. (Total count: 31 stitches)
Round 11:  Double crochet stitch into each stitch, finish with slip stitch.

Leg 2:

To start working on the second leg, join the yarn with the waist band and start crocheting the remaining 31 stitches. Do not join the two halves.

Round 1 to 10: Double crochet stitch into each stitch. (Total count: 31 stitches)
Round 11:  Double crochet stitch into each stitch, finish with slip stitch.

If you wish you can add ribbed crochet stitch at the bottom of each leg and at waist. Close with single crochet.

Join the two legs and the open ends.
Fit with a chain at waist to secure firmly.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Feel free to ask any questions in comments below.

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9 Reasons everyone wants a crocheted gift in winter

I have always struggled as to what should I give my special people as a present that will show my love for them and be as special for them as it is for me. If I could, I would give them the piece of my heart. But hey, wait, I can! And so can you! 

A perfect sweet little handmade crochet item.

 Here are the reasons why a crocheted gift will be top of everyone's wish list this year – and I'm sure you'll be more than happy to oblige!


You've made it especially for them,  With your own hands, using your precious time and putting in your best efforts. It’ll mean more than all their other gifts put together.


A cheerful, chubby little stuff toy wont hurt anyone. look at all the beautiful things over the internet that are made with simple crocheting. A little toy will surely touch the heart.


Well, you do have magic in your hands and non crafting people always want to hold the piece of that sorcery. After all you dont get such stuff in Malls. 


The beauty of handmade gift is beyond all that a money can get. moreover, more and more people are appreciating the beauty of a handmade gift. All they want is a piece of magic from someone as special as you. Show them that you care.


crafty is a new trend and crocheted accessories are trendsetters this season. It will simply be a welcome present for your fashionista friends. They will simply adore it.


A classic granny square boots, blanket, mitts are everyone's fave... All that brings instant happiness and coziness to anyone. after all that is what a gift is for. 


your handmade will be flaunted widely and happily because it is not something everyone can ge and it is definitely one of a kind thing. you are getting famous and appreciated for being wonderfully talented. What are you waiting for?


You know the one you are gifting to. you know them personally and the gift that you are making is customized according to them. you know their likes and dislikes hence, color combos, size, style , all matter. It will tell your recipient how much you know and care about them.


The crochet items are appealing. If you have happened to make one such item ever, you would tell how much everyone wants some of it too. Who wouldn't like a pretty gift like that.

If you are new to crocheting or are looking for inspirations, do check our blog for more.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Things all crochet business owners should know

Recently we have witnessed a shape hike in the handmade businesses in Kashmir valley. The crochet business in surely one thing that is in trend and many girls and women have started their online shops with variety of beautiful and cozy stuff. If you are one of those people who too want to start an online crochet business but are filled with if’s and but’s than this post is definitely for you. If you are thinking of starting your own crochet business than read these tips for making your venture a success.


We tend to follow people who share our creative flare. And at the moment you must be following many fellow crafters social media and it may be tempting to invite them to buy your stuff. They may follow you back but they are skilled enough to make one such item for themselves, most probably and hence you won’t be able to sell. Try to target non-crafters. They are the people who are most interested in buying your handmade goodies rather than the technique you used to create it.


You are unique! Do not try to undervalue your craft or work. Be positive and confident. Always remember that they (your competitors) can do stuff like you but they are not you.
Moreover price your products fairly. There are many different formulas to figure out the perfect price but at the very minimum you need to factor in how much your time is worth in terms of pounds per hour, the cost of materials and other expenses such as selling fees. Remember, just because you might be reluctant to pay that price for the item, that doesn't mean there isn't a viable market out there made up of people who would be willing to pay it.


Don’t steal the patterns. Use them with the permission of the authors or buy them. Or maybe you can make your own patterns. Avoid using someone else’s work as your own.


Crocheting is wide field and you can make amazingly huge number of things with this technique. But you don’t need to. Find the things you are most comfortable in making and the things that are easy for you to cope up with. You should focus on things that you can do. You don’t need to jump into everything and end up being tired and leaving your startup for good. It can also put your prospecting buyers off. Find your target rather than trying to appeal everyone.


Almost all us are aware of social media and use it to connect to people. Use this super great tool to promote your business. Tell them that you are there. Make you presence more impact. How are you going to sell if no one knows about your startup? Advertise with the social media giants. I think this needs more detail, so I will be up with the blog post for that very soon.


Yes, this is one of the most important things that you will need. Your shop should have a sound name that is easy to remember and speak. Make the look and feel of your shop so appealing that people come to your shop again and again. Make the customer seller interaction easy. Create your logo and design your shop before you go public. This will have more impact on the minds of people.

I hope these tips were helpful and I wish you luck with your new business.
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