Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How to make a "Song Stack" using Contact Paper

Hey there. I'm sorry for not posting for a long time. I have a reason; Exams. Yes i had some exams which are postponed as of now. Anyways we never say no to crafts and today's craft is a lovely song stack for someone who is loved :)

Now What is a Song Stack?
Its simply my favorite song written along with funny cartoons to add a little bit of cuteness. Follow the steps and you will know what i mean.

Regular pencil
Black gel pen
Pencil colors
Contact papers
Metal ring 
Craft paper
Craft scissor

A box of contact papers.
I bought this from departmental store.
Rest of the things used are from Stationery shop.


Trick: If you are not good at drawing cartoons on your or you don't have enough time like me you can use the animations of the video as I did.

Making a song lyrics cartoons on contact paper.
I've completed my first stanza here.

Each frame of video is to be drawn on a separate contact paper.
Out line with gel pen.
Add colors, that's easy and fun thing to do. While I was doing this I felt like I was coloring a sketch book for kids.

Yay! My song is complete.

When done cut a Craft paper with a Craft scissor about the same size of the contact paper.
My contact paper had a hole at top left corner so I didn't need to punch it.
I inserted metal ring thorough it to secure all the sheets.

Stack them, Ring them.

It looks Pretty and colorful. Isn't it

Its done, Its like a flip book.
Its cute and lovable.
A pretty handmade gift for anyone.

Add Craft Paper.
Its done.
Its time to give some love.
Share with your friends and family.