Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Paint your own LadyBird

A free time is a blessing and I'm having plenty of it nowadays. crafting around seems the best i can do most of the time and its fun too. Painting stones and pebbles make good craft and is fun to do.
I choose to paint some stones for the garden decor.


Synthetic enamel(paints)
Painting brushes


I choose a round stone about the size of my palm and start painting it like this. simple as that ;)
Let it get dry.
Place in pots or in flowerbeds.
They look great.

You can paint other insects too and decorate your flowerbeds.

I enjoyed this and so will you. This activity can be undertaken by kids too( if you have any), letting them paint their favourite insects and placing them over the garden :)

Share this activity with your friends and family.
Let the love spread.

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