Monday, 12 January 2015

Multi Crochet Slipper

Crochet slippers are trending in lately and I seem to have fallen in love with these. I come up with a new design daily. Comfy and good looking slippers are must have for anyone as they go well with any outfit u wear. The color combo i used for this one are quiet trendy that you might like as well.
Simple to make for even a beginner.

Watch my video for the instructions to make one for your self.

In this post I'm showing you how to change color in crocheting.

>We are using double crochet stitch in this one.
>Do the double crochet stitch till last two loops are on the hook.
>Take a different colored yarn and pull it through both the loops.
>Continue you work with the new colored yarn.
>Refer picture for reference.

I hope that you like this design. Feel free to ask any question and I will be there to answer your queries.

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