Monday, 13 January 2014

Nail Art Trend

"Be a nail art star"

Oh! how we all love beautiful nails. Nail art is trending of course and so I'm here with my new post on nail art...
Nowadays fingernails and toenails are seen as important points of beauty. Its a fashion activity relating to manicuring.
Nail polish has a long history. In china it started off being made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites and other similar stuffs, fortunately we don't have to deal with such thing and can get a good quality nail polish from any cosmetics store.

As a matter of fact I myself never ever applied nail paint!! Yes im 23 and i never did that but i love to paint my BFFs nails. I have some sort of nail paint phobia i guess!
Anyways i bring to you some best and easy nail arts out there.. I found them over the internet and thought of sharing with my lovely readers. Im dont author these nail arts.

Hope you like them :)

1) The simplest nail art design:
Its simple and easy and quick. Give it a try girls.

2) Lovely Hearts
Wont you try it for the valentine ;)

3) Fishnet Nail art
Looking complicated but you can see how easy it is!

4) Pastel Faded nails
Pink is Style

5) The kitty love
This one is for the cat lovers

6) Butterflies
Be the beauty you are.

7) City life nails
This one is so so artistic.

8) Gold leaf nail art
So Chic. Isnt it. I loved this most.

9) The cheetah print nails.
Gotta have a bit of practice for this.

10) The Blue Marble
So stylish and easy, Stun you friends with this gorgeous art.


"Some Tips And Tricks"

To achieve such precision in this art we have to have some tips and tricks and im sharing some with you :

1) Make your own dotting tool. This is a must have thing.

2) Learn proper way of applying nail polish.

3) How would you fix a broken nail.
I think with a tea bag and a nail glue.


"Keep in mind"

That you got to whiten your nails after removing your dark nail polish.
That mistakes can be removed by dipping a tiny brush in the nail polish remover.
That its always better to apply thin coats instead of one thick coat.
That you can protect your skin from errant nail polish strokes by applying vaseline to the cuticles.
That nail polish thinner Not nail polish remover is used to revive thick, goopy bottles of nail polish.
That a smudge can be fixed by licking it.
That you can use vapoRub to cure infected nails.
That if air is humid, wait extra long for your nails to dry.