Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Painting my day away

I haven't used paints lately and was wondering what must I do to kill time and make something useful out of it. And then I came up with the idea to make my own papier machie articles. As you know I do not mash the paper and wait for days to prepare it , I simply buy some cheap pottery article from a local shop and paint them over, trying to make intricate designs and decorating. This is easier and much more fun for a lazy girl like me. 

Today I decided to paint a clay Somovar and Kanger.
Somovar is a vessel used to cook tea, the famous kashmiri noon chai. It is like a normal kettle but very big (although i have a tiny model of it), made from copper. 

And Kanger a a traditional fire pot.  It is used it winters to warm oneself. It is made of clay bowl which is affixed inside a wicker work basket and handle to carry. The coals are kindled inside the clay bowl.

This description is lame though i tried my best. Thank you.

Nevertheless our concern is to decorate it in traditional designs and make them exquisite and expensive.
Anyone can do this craft. Its fun and easy and cheap. 

So I gathered my materials 
Li'l clay models of firepot and somavar.
Pearl beads.
Paints(acrylic or synthetic enamel).
Paint brushes.

Click here for details on how I do it using synthetic enamel.

And painted and painted and painted all day long.....
This is what was the outcome.

1. Kanger.

I embellished it with pearl beads. I fixed them using a regular glue - fevicol.

2. Somavar:

I did the details with golden paint on this one. Looks more intricate and beautiful.

P.S. I painted a little candle holder too. A solid color of blue and red for it. A pop of color.

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