Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spring Flower Wreath

Spring is on and so is our love for crafts and flowers. So what else can be better than making a flower wreath for the beautiful season.....

Wreaths are easy yet difficult to make, you got to have a lot of patience to deal with all the minuscule things you are going to use in it and for the newbies it is a bit of a job to get it all done cleanly!!

Well i can help ;)
I choose to make a wreath out of an old vintage decorative plate, few tiny bells[for that super cute jingle], and ribbon.
It is a quick project to work on.

How to do it ?
Make few[in my case 6] flowers from the ribbon, if you don't know how, check my post on The Diy easy ribbon rose

Use glue to hold them[flowers] in place at the center.
Scatter some bells and beads over the plate and flowers, Of course you are going to glue them up!
Make a ribbon string from the backside of the plate and hang it up.

Here is your easy pezy flower wreath done clean and beautiful. 

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