Friday, 20 December 2013

10 Minute Multipurpose Bows

OK!! I really did take too long to post this tutorial...

Although I'm a bit late, I'm here with my cute bow to show. 10 min's are more than enough for this project.
I call these bows Multi-purpose because of their many uses. You can use them in Hair clips, Headbands, Brooches, Bags and Whatever you can think of. I used mine to make a cute headband.


I used Cotton Fabric and
Few centimeters of Satin ribbon (~ 1 cm wide).
I choose red color.

How To:

Cut a square piece from the fabric you want to use.
My bow had measurements = 14.6 x 13.5cms. while choosing the appropriate measurement (you know sizes of bows vary, you may not want too large bow or too small either) keep in mind the width of of your final product! 

The length of the bow is directly proportional to its width( I'm talking about the final product here) and the length is greater than the width!

This is a nice measurement for medium sized bow.

Fold the Fabric and stitch as shown in the pic. I kept an opening at the center the use of which will be evident shortly.
I marked the stitched area in the pic for better understanding.  

Flatten The fabric and bring the Stitch in the middle and stitch the edges.
Now pull through the the hole you left in the first stitch.
As can be seen th the picture.
Pull nicely and let the corners show.

Twist up with your fingers in the middle and tie with a ribbon.
Ta-Da your bow is ready.

Instead of ribbon you can use a strip of same fabric. 

:) I used the same pattern bow to decorate my Cute Gather Round Clutch