Thursday, 14 November 2013

Easy Fancy Pink and Black Apron

Wanna look HOT in kitchen ?
Well i do!

When i designed this apron all i wanted was an easy pattern giving me quite a girly look and at the same time looking hot. It should compliment my indian dress apart from being waterproof!
This is an apron sewing pattern for everyone, it is perfect for beginner in sewing but appeals all sewers.

Materials :

Half meter Rexene.
Fancy Ribbon.
Your Sewing Machine.

Procedure :

1. Take your Measurements at your waist and chest.
2. Select the custom length of the apron.
3. This is a single piece apron hence more easy to sew.
4. Put your rexene fabric upside down and mark down the measurements on it.
5. Mark with pencil where the cutting is to be done.

6. Take your scissor and start cutting the fabric carefully, broader from bottom and narrower towards the top. Make corners round from the bottom.
7. Take ribbon and start sewing it to the apron border, all around. Like in picture.
8. From the spare rexene or from rexene cuttings make the strings for apron that would go around the neck and waist.

9. join the Strings.
10. Ho! you are almost done.
11. I decorated the apron with ribbon roses.
12. Isnt it beautiful. Be a kitchen hottie.!

A different design and color

Happy Sewing :)

The DIY Bomb Pouch

  Bomb Pouch ?? Why?? Because,, It is Round and Bomb like.,.,!! :D
I wanted to make a round pouch and started to surf internet for inspiration!
The Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial by  was very cute so i decided to make one for me.

This can be used as a coin pouch, earbud pouch, as a gift pouch or for whatever you can think of..!



I decorated my Bomb Pouch with a Cute butterfly.
It is a cute pouch and it hardy takes any time to make it.