Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Paper Craft

Its summer over here in kashmir, i don't actually like summer because it makes me lazy and dull . Moreover i get no time for crafts and that is the worst part of it.  :/

I was wondering what would be a nice craft project for a bright summer evening when i came up with the idea of paper craft......

I had everything i needed.,., coloured paper, paints, glue, scissor and a bit of thinking.,.,,. ;)

Here are few cool paper craft ideas i'm going to share with you :) you will surely like them!

1) Paper Cups: This one i found over the internet and i honestly love them so much!

2) Harry potter bookmark: A treat for harry potter fans!

A very easy to make paper bookmark for your favourite books :)

3) Cardboard paper pen holder  : Can a pen holder be cuter than this ? 

4) Paper cutting : you got to have  a good cutting skills for this one, really!

Scissors are not a good choice for this one,, you got to have a good paper cutter.
You can easily get that from a departmental store.

Take care of no slicing your hands!

5) Paper flower basket: This one is my favourite.,.,.,

    Ok , all you need are some magazines , cut the stripes of paper from the magazine,, start rolling down the stripes of paper until you get a good sized paper flower. glue it! 
Make lot of them.

Now get a good sized balloon [as per your requirements] start pasting your flowers over the balloon and together with each other.
when done let it dry.
Prick the balloon and you are done :)

NOTE: use all the bright colours in all the projects :)