Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Crochet Flower tutorial..

Well this is a tutorial for a two layer crochet flower..
A very easy way to make one... :)

For beginners, to learn the basics of crocheting (slip knot,single stitch, double crochet stitch etc etc) visit

Ok lets get started...

Top layer....

you got to start with a magic ring!
Round 1 : about 12 double stitches into the ring...

Round 2 : Take a different colored yarn and knot it to the circle made.
                Now make a chain of 4 single stitches.
                Join this chain to the second stitch from where you begin.
                Continue till you fill the circumference of the circle.

Here you are done with top layer of your flower. :)

Bottom Layer...

Again start with a magic circle.
make a circle of double stitches..

Round 2 : Over the circumference of the circle make a round of single stitches.
                 it will make the flower larger.. :)

Round 3 : Make 4 double crochet stitches through single hole to make a petal.

              Continue ... like this...

Now join the two layers of the flower .... 
you can top it with the beads of your choice

your flower is ready... :)
Make as many as you like.