Saturday, 16 February 2013

DIY yellow clutch from a scrap

we all have that scrap fabric lying here and there around our homes. The scrap is too cute to be thrown out and too little to be used in some big projects but that doesn't mean that this bundle of cuteness have to be wasted inside your craft closet and remain there as a junk. Isn't it? We can pretty much make a purse or a clutch out of it and flaunt it.
I'm posting a tutorial of I turned my scrap fabric into a cute clutch. 

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Material needed:

Fabric. Mine was some 24 inches long and 5 inches wide.
Lining fabric.
Hard Canvas.
Flex foam interface.
Tapestry needle and a thread of matching color.
Sewing machine.

Lets begin:

As i have already mentioned my fabric was 24 inches long. I divided it into 2 halves of 12 inches each, for front and back of the purse.

Put the thread in your needle and begin simple stitch on one end of the fabric. Make it a bit tighter to get ruffles and so your fabric is shrunk to 7.5 to 8 inches wide instead of 12 inches. As can be seen in the picture below.

Now after you are done with this cut out 2 pieces of flex foam interfacing of the same size.
I used a canvas interfacing too. Why? Because i wanted my clutch to be more hard and kind of solid! you can skip the canvas thing if you don't want it
Sew the three parts together.
you will have now 2 sides of the clutch as can be seen in the picture below.
With right ends facing each other and wrong ends facing outwards join both along three sides.
That seems easy till now. Don't you think?

Turn your thing inside out. Don't freak out if it looks stupid.
Now to cover the ugly inside of the purse use your lining fabric.
Next you must cover the thready top of the clutch with the same fabric or a different one of your choice. I hand stitched it, That seemed easier for me.
See the picture below.

Lastly the zipper. Cut out a zipper and close the ends with the same fabric as you can see in picture below.

Fix this zipper to the clutch. I hand stitched this too as my sewing machine didn't allow too thick material to be inserted under it. But i got got it right.

Decorate it with beads and brooches or let it be. you have got a lovely little clutch for yourself.
Thank you! 

DIY: Disney Wall hanger

My first ever post on this blog.
I'll start with a simple tutorial to create a cute Disney inspired wall hanger. I chose to write a Quote on mine, You can paint whatever you want to. This one is not some complicated craft project but something anyone can do. Its easy and adorable.

Things you may need:

1. Slice of wood stump.
2. Acrylic paints. 
3. Brushes.
4. Sandpaper.
5. Hooks

That's it, really!


1. Clean the surface of your wood slice by sandpaper. sandpaper will clean out the granular areas of the wood.

2. Sketch what you are going to draw. I used black background. But really it depends on what you want it to be.

3. Start painting. 

4. wait till dry. Done.

5. Fix a hook on backside to hang it on a wall.

6. Now hang it.