Sunday, 29 December 2013

Heart Cushions

This is the tutorial to show you how you can make your own Heart Cushions.

Velvety fabric(Half meter for 1 cushion) :Being velvety adds luster and soft touch to the Cushion. I choose Chocolate and cream colors.
Satin Ribbon(1.5 mtrs for 1 cushion) : I choose same colors as the fabric.
Fabric Glue.
Measuring tape.
Soft Cushion stuffing.
Tapestry needle.
And a bit of patience. 

How To:
Now let us see how to make these lovely cushions.

Step 1: 
First of all fold the fabric in the middle.
Now make an outline of heart shape over it probably with a chalk. The measurements can be seen in the picture below. Don't cut the fabric over the chalk outline but after almost leaving half inch more. The outline will be used to stitch over and extra fabric will come inside! 

step 2:
With this done you will have two sides of the heart.
pick one of the sides and start outlining it with the ribbon.
Ribbon is attached from the right side.
You can either Fold ribbon or use it full.
Near the curves fold ribbon a bit and continue to stitch.(ref pic below)
I know this part is a bit tricky.

Step 3:
Place this on other side of the heart with both right faces of fabric facing each other and wrong faces outwards and stitch them together.
You can take the first stitch(to join the ribbon) as the guide for your second stitch(joining the sides).
Leave a space or opening of about 10-15 cms to turn it inside out.

Step 4:
Turn it inside out and start stuffing it.
You will see the heart shape becoming prominent.
When you are done with stuffings close the opening with the help of your tapestry needle and thread.
Small stitches are recommended so that they wont show.

when done you will have a cushion like this:

Step 5:
You are almost done. Now it is time to paste some rhinestones over it.

Fabric glue is fabric friendly adhesive used to paste any sort of applique to the fabric.
It is must have tool in your fabric crafts.
How to use this glue: Put a thin layer of fabric glue over the applique and then put the applique over the fabric.
Press for 10 seconds and then release.
Wait for 24 hrs before you actually use your fabric.
So I kept ,y cushions for 24 hr before i used them in my bedroom to complement my chocolate and cream color bedding!
They look phenomenal. 


Thankyou for stopping by.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Mini Crochet Heart Tutorial

Hey! In this post i'm going to show you how to make mini crochet hearts. They are easy to make.
They are really very quick to make and for a beginner in crocheting you will love making them.
This is how they look like.

I think i can really use them in numerous projects, some of my ideas are ear rings , cake toppers , garlands and the list can go on.

Ok now choose your favourite color yarn and crochet hook.

Step 1:  Starting from the slip knot make a chain of 4 stitches.

Step 2:  Now build a single stitch row on this chain. Repeat this two more times so that you have a tiny little square, as in the picture.

Step 3:  Chain 2 and then locate the center of one edge of the square and double crochet in the same place 4 times , you will have a semicircular bump on that side and that forms one side of the heart. ref pic.

Step 4: Join it with the corresponding vertex of the square. Starting from this vertex now make a new semicircle over the next edge of the square and join it with the third vertex.

Step 5: Look You are done!

Happy crocheting :)

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Card Making

One can simply go to some gift shop and buy a greeting card but handmade cards are so fun to make and mean so much more. If you find yourself indulged in card making just know that either you love making cards or you really love people around you or in other case both just like me. J J

Card making is fun, easy and a great way of expressing your creativity. You only need few craft supplies, some cool ideas and some paper craft tools. You don’t need to be an advanced crafty person to make cards; anyone can do that.

You can make unique handcrafted cards for a wide range of occasions including Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary, New Baby, Christening, New home, Get well, Bon voyage, Congratulations, Good luck…Yeah the list is endless.

Now talking about the card designs cards can be simple or complicated as you may want. You don’t need to have lots of money or time you can create master pieces out of gift wraps, scrap books, memory albums, ribbons and laces or whatever you can think of!
Often the most effective designs can be created in less than half an hour, with just a few basic components.

The basic material you may use is the paper and additionally you may want card toppers, stickers, embellishments, pens, markers, colors, glitters, glue, scissors, ruler, tape etc
You can surf through Google for ideas if you don’t have any!
So grab up your things and get started. Don’t worry if it is not what you wanted just remember everything that is made with love is beautiful J Moreover practice makes you perfect. Don’t stop until you get it right.

I happened to make a greeting card for a friend. I used glitter colors and a real flower. It added a touch of realism to a card. This flower was left as such for few days so that it let all the moisture. Make sure your flowers have lost all their moisture before using them in a project or they may turn brown. To attach the flowers use dry adhesive dots.

The First Snowfall Of Winter...

A joyous Day with absolutely nothing to do !

"The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?"

J. B. Priestley 

J.B Priestley quoted it well. Snowfall is a magical event and the magic of first snowfall is indescribable!
Nothing could have complimented the day more than a hot coffee, warm cozy indoors and time with my family :)
There was something special about the day; why? i dont know!
 We had our breakfast in our cozy little kitchen and till noon nobody seemed to like to go out. All throughout the day whole family was together and the chit chat was lovely. It was like the home Picnic-Togetherness and Delicious food with the beauty showering all over!
The white outside gave the feeling of Peace, Harmony and Sense of being Loved.
Well the day would have been incomplete without the snowball fight :D and really that was the fun part.

A view from my room :)
The delight of winter, the freshness of spring, the sweetness of summer and the musky fall we simply cherish them all but a winter is not winter if there is no Snow!

Friday, 20 December 2013

10 Minute Multipurpose Bows

OK!! I really did take too long to post this tutorial...

Although I'm a bit late, I'm here with my cute bow to show. 10 min's are more than enough for this project.
I call these bows Multi-purpose because of their many uses. You can use them in Hair clips, Headbands, Brooches, Bags and Whatever you can think of. I used mine to make a cute headband.


I used Cotton Fabric and
Few centimeters of Satin ribbon (~ 1 cm wide).
I choose red color.

How To:

Cut a square piece from the fabric you want to use.
My bow had measurements = 14.6 x 13.5cms. while choosing the appropriate measurement (you know sizes of bows vary, you may not want too large bow or too small either) keep in mind the width of of your final product! 

The length of the bow is directly proportional to its width( I'm talking about the final product here) and the length is greater than the width!

This is a nice measurement for medium sized bow.

Fold the Fabric and stitch as shown in the pic. I kept an opening at the center the use of which will be evident shortly.
I marked the stitched area in the pic for better understanding.  

Flatten The fabric and bring the Stitch in the middle and stitch the edges.
Now pull through the the hole you left in the first stitch.
As can be seen th the picture.
Pull nicely and let the corners show.

Twist up with your fingers in the middle and tie with a ribbon.
Ta-Da your bow is ready.

Instead of ribbon you can use a strip of same fabric. 

:) I used the same pattern bow to decorate my Cute Gather Round Clutch

Friday, 6 December 2013

Cute Gather Round Clutch

A gather round basket, i found one for the first time on some Japanese website few months ago. At first i didn't knew what it was called or how it is made and that website was not of much help either...
I started searching it with all possible names i could think of until i finally came to know what it is called and found a very nice tutorial from mother daughter duo of A spoonful of sugar
Their Gather round basket tutorial is quiet illustrative and really it is much more easier to make than i had thought, moreover it took me a bit more than half an hour to get it all done !

Well i added a bit of my own creativity to it and converted it from a gather round basket to a gather round clutch! The creativity i added is just a Simple Bow and a zipper.

I didn't use cotton but a thicker velvety fabric.
My gather round basket had 9 inches diameter.

When my basket was done i folded the basket and attached a zipper to it and for decorations i did a simple bow, as in the picture :

The Zipper and the bow is attached with simple hand stitch and not on sewing machine!

It looks cute and gorgeous and is spacious too!
I enjoyed this project and so will you.
So grab up your cutest material and start sewing your perfect little gather round clutch.

I will be sharing a tutorial on how to make a bow in my upcoming post so stay tuned for more. :)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Easy Fancy Pink and Black Apron

Wanna look HOT in kitchen ?
Well i do!

When i designed this apron all i wanted was an easy pattern giving me quite a girly look and at the same time looking hot. It should compliment my indian dress apart from being waterproof!
This is an apron sewing pattern for everyone, it is perfect for beginner in sewing but appeals all sewers.

Materials :

Half meter Rexene.
Fancy Ribbon.
Your Sewing Machine.

Procedure :

1. Take your Measurements at your waist and chest.
2. Select the custom length of the apron.
3. This is a single piece apron hence more easy to sew.
4. Put your rexene fabric upside down and mark down the measurements on it.
5. Mark with pencil where the cutting is to be done.

6. Take your scissor and start cutting the fabric carefully, broader from bottom and narrower towards the top. Make corners round from the bottom.
7. Take ribbon and start sewing it to the apron border, all around. Like in picture.
8. From the spare rexene or from rexene cuttings make the strings for apron that would go around the neck and waist.

9. join the Strings.
10. Ho! you are almost done.
11. I decorated the apron with ribbon roses.
12. Isnt it beautiful. Be a kitchen hottie.!

A different design and color

Happy Sewing :)

The DIY Bomb Pouch

  Bomb Pouch ?? Why?? Because,, It is Round and Bomb like.,.,!! :D
I wanted to make a round pouch and started to surf internet for inspiration!
The Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial by  was very cute so i decided to make one for me.

This can be used as a coin pouch, earbud pouch, as a gift pouch or for whatever you can think of..!



I decorated my Bomb Pouch with a Cute butterfly.
It is a cute pouch and it hardy takes any time to make it.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Easy Ribbon Rose

Ribbons & Roses form the heart of Arts and Crafts. Crafty little or huge , papery or crocheted , simple or layered all sorts of flowers always spread smiles!

The art of flower making exist on planet earth since ages and we all still love to make them.

Folks ! today i am going to share a cute and easy ribbon flower tutorial with you.

                        MATERIALS :
You will need colorful ribbons of width no less than 1 cm and no more than 1 inch.
If your ribbon is below 1 cm your flower will be too small.and if it is more than 1 inch your flower will be a bit clumsy... at least i find them clumsy!

Other required things are :
Tapestry needle and Thread
Cute colorful beads and buttons to decorate with.

Here is the step by step picture tutorial for the Ribbon flower.
In 9th step I'm making the knot with the two ends of the ribbon and after that I'm 
securing the knot with the needle and thread.
You can decorate the flower with the beads or buttons!

That's it! Really!
you can use these flowers on Brooches, DIY bags or however you wand them.
You will find yourself using them in most of your craft work!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

DIY Crochet Fingerless Gloves.

Simple and easy crocheted fingerless gloves!
Level : Beginner.
No crochet flower no bow yet so stylish and elegant.

Make a chain of the size of the circumference of your hand. Join the ends.
Make a rounds of Single stitch.
Continue with the three rounds of Double Crochet Stitch and one single stitch after it.
Now it's time to make a hole for the Thumb.
For the Sixth round we do the single stitch again;anticlockwise this time
but increase the diameter of the gloves about the thickness of your hand.
Continue the rounds of single stitches;clockwise and then anticlockwise alternately up to the start of your wrist.
When you reach here make three rounds of double stitch followed by a round of single stitch.

you are done !

Take a separate  color yarn and make a a trim from the below and a single stitch from above.

Try it out now! You'll love it!

Embroidered Golden Crocheted Shoes

An elegant and unique crochet bellies pattern for fall and winter!
Make this fun crochet project with me., 
Here are my yarn supplies.........
The base color and additional colors to decorate with.
I chose golden color as my base color!

A crochet hook that would fit the yarn you have chosen. 


What to do now,
Take a yarn and start with the magic ring , the pattern is same as the  The blue bow bellies tutorial with only one difference i.e instead of making it with the double crochet stitch make it with the single crochet stitch.

you are done!

Make the border of the separate color yarn, i chose the brown one.

Now the embroidery : It's easier than you think.  
Take a yarn of your choice to make the flowers , loop the yarn through the gaps between the crochet stitches of the bellies, as can be seen in the picture.

The green stalk is made by looping the yarn through the bellie surface in XXX manner(refer to pic below)

You can add beads if you want to or keep it as it is!

Arent you done yet!! :) 

It is simply gorgeous ! isnt it??

Enjoy Crocheting!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Blue Bow Bell Shoes

Yahoo its autumn again, I just love it!
I just crocheted up a cute woolly bellies and thought of sharing the pattern with you all.
I choose the blue color for my bellies.
You will require a worst weighted yarn and a standard sized crochet hook.

Let’s just get started..
1. Make a magic ring [You do that by making a chain of 5 stitches and joining the ends to make a circle]
2. Round 1. Make a full circle of 12 double crochet stitches so that your initial circle looks like the one in the picture.
3. Round 2: Make two double crochet stitches in each of the double stitch from round one. Total stitches = 24

4. Round 3: chain 2. Make 1 double crochet stitch in one hole and 2 double crochet stitches in another hole. Repeat for entire row. Total stitches = 36.
5. Round 4: 1 double crochet stitch in each hole.
6. Round 5 to 12: Make a double stitch rounds over this bowl until you get total of twelve rounds.

7. When you are done with round twelve you can check it if it’s fitting you.
8. Round 13: Don’t make a full circle but up to the point from where you want the sides for your bellies to grow, I choose twenty four double crochet stitches and left the rest.
9. Round 14: Reverse the stitching direction and continue for each round to come. 
10. Check the picture above for reference.
11. You continue this up to the length of your foot. Mine was total of 29 rounds.
12. Join the ends as seen from the picture.

12. Choose a different color and make a round of double stitch on the edges of the bellies.
13. Make another round of single stitch over it.
14. Your boots are ready now.

 Here is how you could make a Bow to decorate it with.
 Make a patch of blue color and knot it in the middle.
 Fix a button on it and the bow is ready.
 See the pictures.

Hooray! The final Product.

Some more beautiful patterns ::

The yellow and black bumble bee pattern.
You can check my crochet heart tutorial to make these small hearts.

The Purple Pride: this one will go up to your ankles!
Warm and comfy.

Simple brown crochet shoes.
These too look great.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Paper Craft

Its summer over here in kashmir, i don't actually like summer because it makes me lazy and dull . Moreover i get no time for crafts and that is the worst part of it.  :/

I was wondering what would be a nice craft project for a bright summer evening when i came up with the idea of paper craft......

I had everything i needed.,., coloured paper, paints, glue, scissor and a bit of thinking.,.,,. ;)

Here are few cool paper craft ideas i'm going to share with you :) you will surely like them!

1) Paper Cups: This one i found over the internet and i honestly love them so much!

2) Harry potter bookmark: A treat for harry potter fans!

A very easy to make paper bookmark for your favourite books :)

3) Cardboard paper pen holder  : Can a pen holder be cuter than this ? 

4) Paper cutting : you got to have  a good cutting skills for this one, really!

Scissors are not a good choice for this one,, you got to have a good paper cutter.
You can easily get that from a departmental store.

Take care of no slicing your hands!

5) Paper flower basket: This one is my favourite.,.,.,

    Ok , all you need are some magazines , cut the stripes of paper from the magazine,, start rolling down the stripes of paper until you get a good sized paper flower. glue it! 
Make lot of them.

Now get a good sized balloon [as per your requirements] start pasting your flowers over the balloon and together with each other.
when done let it dry.
Prick the balloon and you are done :)

NOTE: use all the bright colours in all the projects :)